Permit Information:

A District sewer and/or water permit is needed for any of the following projects:

  • Installation, repair or removal of house service sewers, pump system components or water services
  • Construction or expansion of structures outside an existing building foundation
  • Installation of a deck or bear enclosure
  • Installation, repair or removal of a grease trap, interceptor or sand-oil interceptor
  • Removal of any existing structures served by District sewer and / or water

Depending on the scope of your project, other department or agency approvals may be required in order to obtain permits.  These approvals are not required at submission, but must be completed and presented prior to permit issuance.

Applying for a Permit:

Residential and Commercial Permit Application

To obtain a permit with the District, the owner or the owner's representative must complete a Residential and Commercial Permit Application, pay associated fees and provide a site plan to the District that includes the following information:

Foundation cleanout(s) Footprint of existing structure(s) and or
Property line cleanout(s) Footprint of remodel / new construction
Mid-line and or transition cleanout(s) All easements
Sewer line location, gravity and or pump Stop and waste valve, (cannot be below grade)
Water service box & line locations Existing and / or proposed irrigation
Fire service box & line locations Hydronic heat, boiler, booster pump, etc.
Gas & electrical line locations Bear box location (garbage box)
Sewer pump system  

Permit Fees:

Water Rates and Connection Fees:

Sewer Rates and Connection Fees:

Once your application has been accepted by the District, the initial plan review for residential services should be completed within 10 to 15 business days. The plan review for commercial services can take up to 30 business days.

For more information about the permit process, please call Technical Services at (530) 580-6281


Water Service Disconnection and Abandonment Check List


If you need to temporarily or permanently disconnect your water and/or sewer service, please follow directions:

Water Service Abandonment Check List

Sewer Service Abandonment Check List

A District inspector must be present to inspect all permitted sewer and water work to ensure compliance with District requirements. Complete information regarding inspection can be found here.

Section 6, Sewer Ordinance 255

To schedule an appointment for an inspection or if you have questions, please call (530) 580-6281