Long-Term Financial Planning

The District’s Long-Term Financial Planning (LTFP) process is a critical strategic planning effort that aligns the District’s financial capacity with the long-term delivery of water, sewer, and parks and recreation services. The LTFP process navigates financial challenges and evaluates opportunities that have the potential to impact the District’s financial condition over the next 10 years. It is designed to ensure long-term financial stability by forecasting revenue and expenses using assumptions about economic conditions, future spending scenarios, and other relevant variables.


The LTFP process will culminate in a Strategic Document that guides the District’s future capital investments and ensures the District can continue to fulfill its Mission, accomplish priorities identified in the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, and prepare for financial security into the future. 


Initiated in August 2018, the LTFP process includes a series of public Board meetings and presentations to help constituents understand the District’s current financial position, capital infrastructure needs, project commitments and goals, and financial policies. The public process is important to the Board of Directors and is consistent with the District’s commitment to transparency, and fiscal responsibility.


Long-Term Financial Planning (LTFP) Board Meetings and Presentations: 

LTFP, Phase 1 Financial Foundation Presentation - 4/20/2018

LTFP, Mobilization Phase Presentation - 5/18/2018

LTFP, Process Presentation - 2/15/2019

LTFP, Reserve Policy Discussion - 5/15/2020

LTFP, Financial Analysis Presentation - 8/21/2020

LTFP, Reserve Level Analysis Discussion - 11/20/2020

LTFP, Tahoe Cedars/Madden Water System Infrastructure Funding - 4/16/2021

LTFP, Tahoe Cedars/Madden Water System Infrastructure Funding, Part 2 - 5/21/2021

LTFP, Tahoe Cedars/Madden Water System Funding Discussion - 8/20/2021

LTFP, Priority Projects Update Presentation - 2/18/2022

LTFP, Water System Reconstruction Capital Funding Alternatives Presentation - 3/25/22

LTFP, Financial Forecasting – 10-Year Capital Project Priorities Funding Analysis - 6/17/22

LTFP, Authorization of a Tahoe Cedars & Madden Creek Water System Reconstruction Strategy - 7/15/2022

LTFP, Authorization of a Tahoe Cedars & Madden Creek Water System Reconstruction Strategy Presentation - 7/15/2022