Tahoe Cedars Water System Reconstruction Project

Updated: 4/26/23

Project Overview

In January 2018, TCPUD acquired the Mid-Sierra Water Utility (Tahoe Cedars and Madden Creek water systems) and began operating both systems. In March 2021, the TCPUD Board of Directors adopted a comprehensive Tahoe Cedars Water System Master Plan, which recommended the full replacement of the existing system, which was originally constructed in the 1940s and is actively failing. Following a series of long-term financial planning sessions, the Board directed staff to proceed with design and permitting, development of project implementation plans, and financing plans for the full reconstruction of the Tahoe Cedars water system.


Fully reconstructing the Tahoe Cedars water system is a unique undertaking for TCPUD. It is significantly larger, more complicated, and more expensive than any previous TCPUD water system reconstruction project and is currently estimated to cost $37 million (does not include costs for relocating water service lines from backyards to the street). Funding sources for this project will include water rates, property tax revenue, special water rate/capital charges, and potential grants. 


Planned improvements:

  • Replace 15 miles of undersized and failing water mains.
  • Relocate 632 water service lines from backyards to the street.
  • Install 97 new fire hydrants.
  • Install over 1,000 residential water meters.

Project benefits include the delivery of secure and reliable drinking water and improved fire protection within the water system service area.


Project Status

TCPUD has started design and permitting for the total rebuild of the Tahoe Cedars water system. Initial phase of construction is targeted for 2025. 


Completed Improvements

  • Replaced chronically failing water mains on 2nd Avenue.
  • Installed an interconnection between the Tahoe Cedars water system and an adjacent TCPUD water system to provide critical backup water supply.


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